Origin Hockey

For information about private skill development or mentorship please reach out to me via email.

I am not running any camps at the current moment - but am always available for private sessions.

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Have a question about Origin Hockey?

How can I or my young player work with you?

I currently don't have any programs running at the moment.

If you are seeking skill development sessions I am available for hire on a session by session basis.

Book the ice - gather a small group or just yourself and let's get to work.

I prefer it this way as I can give my full attention and work with you on a personal level.

What does a skill development session look like?

Depending the players position - the session is fully tailored to game situation training.

We work on developing the skills needed to thrive in the given position by working on tactics commonly used in game situations - practical stuff.

How much does it cost?

The ice rental fee would be covered by you. Often times gathering a few teammates helps offset the cost of ice rental.

My fee is generally between $100-200/hour.

I never want finance to interfere with the development of our youth. If you are on a budget please reach out - I understand hockey is an expensive game but please respect that you or your young player are receiving professional coaching.

You can trust that I will give you everything I have to help you level up!

Want does mentorship mean?

Hall Of Fame baseball player Yogi Berra once said:

"Baseball is 90 per cent mental. The other half is physical."

The same is true with hockey. In competitive sports most everyone on your team - as well as the opposition processes all of the physical skills to be great - but it's a select few that have the mental tools to see this.

I help players dial in the mental side of their game. This might be helping them navigate the ups and downs of a hockey season or providing game/training preparation techniques. These are just some examples as each player will have different needs.

I also review game footage and work as a personal coach. This is the future of competitive sports.